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Player Information
Name: Sage
Age: Over 18 by nearly a decade, thanks.
Contact: alchemistseraph@gmail.com, repositorian on plurk
Characters already in Medietas: none!
Reserve Link: http://medietas-mods.dreamwidth.org/1679.html?thread=346255#cmt346255

Character Basics
Character name: Ashida Noriko
Character Journal: electro_kinetic.dreamwidth.org
Canon: X-Men
Canon Point: X-Force Vol. 3 #18 (recently cured of Legacy Virus after nearly destroying the UN building)
Age: 19
Icon: http://v.dreamwidth.org/7851148/1258018

Canon Character Information
Appearance: Noriko stands 5’5” (wikipedia generally says 5’7”, but given her standing next to others in comic panels, I say shorter), with dyed bright blue hair, and has several scars: two from bullet wounds, one from a broken rib, and burn scars on most of her forearms from her gauntlets.
History: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surge_(comics)#Fictional_character_biography

Personality: Noriko is much like the electricity she controls: she's bright, quick, beautiful and potentially dangerous. The girl's got a loud mouth and a definite temper on her, but that isn't to say she always overreacts, or is unnecessarily mean. She's learned to be outwardly tough, because not being so in her world means you're the first to get beaten up--or if you're particularly unlucky, killed. She's lived in Japan and the United States, so she holds dual nationality for both places, but considers herself very much an American despite her relatively short time there. She likes things loud and a little crazy, a little too colorful when she's not in business mode. As a teenager, she's a bit prone to making mistakes with her personal life; one notable incident was her kissing a male student in order to drive away her depowered boyfriend, over whom she was concerned given his proximity to the X-Men, an act which backfired spectacularly when he both broke up with her and remained at the school. She's not mean, though; she does her best to be fair and kind when she can be, and she avoids taking lives even when that is a valid choice in combat. She knows more than most about the darker side of city life, though, and while she's not entirely jaded sometimes that disillusionment will show through; Noriko has been a drug addict and homeless in New York City, she knows exactly what kind of indecency and brutality thrive in that environment.

When she's in X-Man mode, though, she is all business, and puts herself last in the ranking order of important things. She takes her job as a team leader seriously and avoids putting her team in danger they can't handle; she's seen her classmates die before, and she wants that to never happen on her watch. Sometimes she doesn't get things right, though--she is still learning how to be a hero, though that word would never occur to her if she were asked to describe herself.

She's classified as a Beta-level mutant by Marvel standards, which means she's as powerful as an Alpha-level, but her power is less controllable; for example, she cannot control how much energy she absorbs, hence the gauntlets on her arms. She has an aptitude for leadership, is shown to be quite skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and has an exceedingly easy grasp of electrical engineering and theory. Nori has a very strong mind and isn’t afraid to say exactly what she means, even if it makes someone angry. She has issues with authority figures, going so far as to say at one point that the [X-Men] don’t need Charles Xavier; she’s had many such encounters with her peers and teachers. She is a feminist and doesn’t hesitate to speak out on such subject, a notable example being her frequent arguments with her roommate over Sooraya’s choice to wear the Muslim niqab. Regardless, Nori is loyal, dedicated to her friends and increasingly feeling the responsibilities placed upon her as leader of the New X-Men. She has taken it upon herself to mold the team into an effective unit capable of defending the rest of the students, but her own lack of leadership experience do take their their toll on her. For several years between her leaving Japan and her getting to New York City, Nori was homeless and addicted to (obviously illegally gotten) prescription drugs to lower her metabolic rate and keep her highly accelerated mutant brain functions normalized. Since arriving at the school in Westchester, however, she has been fitted with two elbow-length metal gauntlets to regulate her absorption of electricity and provide a safe discharge of the accumulated energy. She’s been through several variations on these gauntlets--the first iterations were large, heavy, bulky and unreliable, and though she has since upgraded them herself many times the first few made her infinitely more aware of how her mutation worked and how to deal with it safely. She recognizes most energy sources around her almost out of habit so she may make small adjustments to her gauntlets to better work. She’s loudmouthed, Noriko, and strong-willed, and has a fairly large but well-guarded sore spot about families and leaving them behind; after all, she did leave not only her home and her native city but the entire continent of Asia behind when her father refused to accept her as a mutant. This has made her somewhat hard-hearted towards those who question her status as a mutant, and she’s still reconciling what it means to be quite literally not normal, while still trying to be treated equally. She is also prideful and sometimes this borders on or veers entirely into defensiveness when she perceives an attack on her fellow mutants.

Powers/Abilities/Talents: Noriko is an electrokinetic mutant, capable of absorbing vast quantities of electricity and channeling them back out as either concussive lightning blasts or as superhuman speed. Her top speed has not yet been registered, but it is known that she can run in the hundreds of miles an hour range and maintain that speed for several hours, long enough and fast enough to get from New York City to Denver in one afternoon. She is, aside from this, bilingual-and-a-half, speaking English, Japanese and moderately fluent French--and is talented with origami and wire-based sculptural art.

AU/CR AU Addendum: None

What 4 items would you like your character too have with them on the island during their stay? Her framed family picture and pocket knife would be nice, and her rollerblades (since I doubt she could find them anywhere else). She’ll be wearing her uniform, hopefully.

First Person: [network] Well. This is fun. If the last week wasn’t interesting enough--there’s that chinese curse thing going on--now I find myself on a floating set of islands were evidently people with no goddamn clue as to how they got here is a totally normal, everyday occurrence. That never bodes well, does it? I mean, that’s the intro scene to every single slasher film ever, people with mysterious origins and happily clueless natives, right? Help?

Third Person: http://ten-fwd.dreamwidth.org/132758.html?thread=7755670#cmt7755670

Finally, out of the 4 words, pick one: Chimes, lake, gravel, or sun? Chimes
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