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So given Noriko is an X-Man, she comes with some pretty awful backstory as standard canon, and I've added to it with some headcanon that may upset some people. So...here we go, triggering things behind the cut, and please let me know what I should avoid bringing up if I tag your post?

-She was kicked out of her home at about 13 when her mutant powers manifested: her father didn't then and doesn't now accept mutants and thinks Noriko has brought extreme dishonor on the family by being openly mutant and running away to the US. She has not personally spoken to her younger brother or her parents in several years, and after M-Day someone else had to call them to tell her family she was alive. That phone call lasted two minutes before her father hung up.

-Noriko was homeless from age 13 to age 17, during which time she made it from Tokyo, Japan to New York City, New York. She made it on her own power, but by unconventional and sometimes illegal means. She did resort to both theft and prostitution to make ends meet and to support her addiction.

-Speaking of addiction, she was physically addicted to prescription opioid painkillers for several years and avoids taking anything more powerful than Advil*. (Medical personnel will have issues convincing her to consent to drug treatments or painkillers, even if she is in great discomfort.)

-She has extensive burn scars on both forearms spanning from approximately elbow to wrist, though they are rarely uncovered.

-Nori has, most likely, post-traumatic stress disorder after several events of her history: she's witnessed a bus full of depowered classmates being blown up (she was hit with dismembered body parts) and she was kidnapped and infected against her will with a lethal virus intended to make her powers spiral violently out of control, with the aim of destroying the UN and killing as many people as possible, Noriko included.

-She has two bullet scars in her back and one along her lowest right side rib from having a steel I-beam thrown at her by a telekinetic classmate.

These aren't really in order and while I try not to have Noriko go into anything that bad in detail unless I've spoken to the other mun personally, sometimes things come up, and I want to be sure I'm not going to give anyone else difficulties, so let me know what I should avoid in threads?


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