Jul. 20th, 2015

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Upon the birth of the first mutant child after M-Day and the subsequent Decimation, there sprang into being a future where said child killed approximately one million people--why is unknown--in an event dubbed the Six Second War. But the war is not important.

The aftermath is. After a public outcry, the SHRA (Superhuman Registration Act) was passed in remarkably short order, and even supported by some mutants and superheroes. Noriko was not one of them; but not much came of the protests. Mutants were, depite their low numbers, found dangerous and forced into concentration camps, removed from the population.

Noriko in this AU is not much different from her normal self save for her circumstances, but she is very much subdued. She still has the gauntlets, though they're scratched and dinged in places and fit somewhat looser over her arms now that she's skinnier. Her hair is now mostly black, but blue-tipped, and worn most commonly in dreadlocks. Blue dye is still technically contraband, but there are always ways around that. Even if she doesn't talk about them. She doesn't really talk much anymore.


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