Sep. 11th, 2016

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For Noriko this was just another afternoon to kill now that she was in study hall, her lady period of the day. She felt cramped inside, even though she had plenty of room, simply because the fact of her mutation meant that she couldn't run, actually run, with walls around her. She could hit top speed on the grounds, but barely, and had more than once gone tumbling heels over head in an effort to stop before she left the property. So to mitigate the effect she chose to sit balanced on the windowsill with her laptop on her knees, window open to let the air of a brewing storm in.

Nori could feel the electricity making the air thick, much like the way thermite came together: with the right spark it'd be a magninficent thunderstorm. She reached a hand out and watched with a smile as the tendrils of electricity escaped the normal web of containment touching her hand and slim-fit metal gauntlet. Oh yeah: it'd be a hell of a storm. Noriko smiled. Those were her favorite.


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