Apr. 10th, 2017

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NAME: Sage
AGE: 29; February 3
CONTACT: private message, or email to alchemistseraph@gmail.com

NAME: Ashida Noriko (anglicized as Noriko Ashida, I'm fine with either)
CANON: X-Men comics
CANON POINT: specifically New X-Men #22 or thereabouts (immediately following the Decimation)
GENDER: Female.
AGE: Noriko is 18 as of this canon point.

BACKGROUND: Noriko's in-game canon will stop before the subheading 'Nimrod'
PAST GAME MEMORIES: She's coming in fresh! No past game memories here.
SUITABILITY: Nori is been on her own before, and though she did live on the fringes of society, she survived quite well and blossomed once she arrived at the school, which was not in itself the paragon of normalcy. Nori isn't a blushing virgin about the psychology of sex, and she's pretty used to the iea of biology forcing her hand, as it were; while we are never told explicitly how Noriko got from Tokyo to New York, as a young woman with no money and very little else left to lose in her mind, it's not hard to put the pieces of supply and demand together. It's very likely she's had experience with needing to have sex in the face of consequences, or at least of having to engage in some form of intimacy under duress.

FIT: Noriko brings a rare perspective to the game: she's thoroughly modern and is a vocal feminist, which could lead to a fair bit of rebelling against the mandate of sex, but could also be a tremendous force behind equalizing how the other participants handle sex mentally. She's also a mutant, and one not afraid of being recognized as such in public, which means she's very used to doing what she needs to do, whether or not she likes it, to survive and thrive. She may be young, but Noriko is not your average teenager in many ways, and she brings her determination to bear in her actions. That said, though, she's not incredibly calm and level-headed either; she's at the point in her life where what shes doing, fighting for her rights (as a person, a woman, and to exist at all) is more important than ever.

ORIENTATION: Noriko is shown to be straight heterosexual, having a boyfriend in canon. We are never shown any canon evidence of bisexuality or homosexuality in Noriko.

For Noriko's collar, I have an idea of her wearing something solid and resembling a mobius strip (the mathematical object plane with one side, like this)

ANYTHING ELSE? Noriko, as mentioned above, is a mutant from the X-Men comics world. Specifically, she's an electrokinetic mutant, with the additional abilities to project and direct electricity and concussive, lightning-like blasts, and run at speeds up to several hundred miles an hour. While I would prefer her abilities be dampened and not nullified, I'm open to almost any extent of that dampening and would love to hear what you guys think, especially about her base electrokinesis.


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