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It's probably not a great idea that Noriko is sleeping on a barstool, with her head touching the kitchen island and her arms resting to cover her face. She's even in pajamas, which suggests to most people she didn't mean to be here, asleep, in the kitchen.

But she did. Her bed feels lonely, too soft with just her in it for more than twenty minutes at a time. She's used to moving, to never having the time to relax and let things go.

The kitchen island with the cold, smooth granite counter is the only thing hard enough for her to feel comfortably uncomfortable on. But it at least lets her get some sleep.
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He wandered barefoot around the mansion, listening to the sounds of sleeping children. Insomnia wasn't an odd occurrence for Logan. His sleep was always plagued with nightmares and sometimes it didn't pay to lie down and close his eyes.

Most of Xavier's kids were asleep, so he was a little surprised to see that blue haired girl sleeping in the kitchen slumped over on the counter top. What was her name? Something Japanese.

"Hey, kid. Wouldn't you be more comfortable in bed?" he asked softly.

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"Uh huh," he grunted. In his case, the house was too noisy. For something to do, he opened the fridge and stared inside. His own bed sheets suffered more from shredding.

There was still a distinct lack of beer at the school. He supposed he'd have to buy his own. He abandoned the fridge and looked around the cupboards, but there was nothing appealing."Yeah, I know what ya mean."
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"You a telepath or somethin'?" his eyebrow arched at her. No beer was magically appearing. He didn't bother to ask her how she knew he was lucky to get a half hour of sleep at a time. "So what kinda nightmares are keeping you awake?"
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Maybe not a telepath but definitely a smart mouth. Well, now he knew who to go to if he ever needed someone to jump start a car. The gauntlets were obvious and he wondered if they served the same purpose as Rogue's gloves.

"Do you have to wear those all the time to keep from accidentally shocking folks?"
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He supposed he deserved that one. It had been a stupid question. "You'll have to remind me of your name, kid. Us seniors can be forgetful."
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"Noriko," he repeated her given name. Logan knew that the first one would be her family name. He'd been to Japan many times. "You probably already know I'm Logan. Nice to meet you, kid. So, what kind of nightmares keep you up at this late hour?"
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"Yeah, that asshole stars in a lot of my worst nightmares," he admitted. "I missed that particular incident though. Sorry you had to see it." Stryker was high up on his hit list. It was part of his memories that he'd hoped he wouldn't get back.
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"Jesus," he shook his head. He should have killed that sonofabitch when he'd had the chance. So many chances. "I'm sorry, kid... Noriko." And part of the guilt for this was squarely on his own shoulders for not dealing with Stryker when he easily could have. He restrained his urge to comfort her, not knowing the extent of her powers.
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"Ah, yeah sorry, k... Noriko. It's a bad habit old folks fall into. I'll curb it," he said. Logan wasn't entirely insensitive.
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"Thanks. I'm a lot older than I look, darlin'," at least it wasn't kid?
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"Huh," he glared, but didn't think that would impress her any.
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"Not a damn thing, darlin'," Unlike Scott, he couldn't shoot holes in anything with his eyes. Not that he wanted to. Sticks and stones, as they say. But even those wouldn't break his bones. "You got classes in the mornin'?"

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If she'd had classes in the morning, he would have suggested that she try to get some sleep. He leaned against the counter with his arms crossed,"At least you don't have to get up in the mornin'."

One of them had to be a responsible adult. If she'd been a bit older, and they weren't in a school, he might have suggested another activity. Something that would relive a little stress.
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"Nah, I'm not teaching this term unless the professor wants me to sub for someone," he admitted. She was cute, even with the funky blue hair.
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"Luckily, that's not the sort of class the professor usually has me teach," Logan definitely didn't have the patience to sit and read poorly written history papers. Or God forbid, English lit. "More like phys ed," he said distractedly.

He realized he was looking at that stretch of bare neck. Damn, Japanese girls always did it for him. He looked away quickly. He needed something else to do. Something physical. NOT THAT. And now that he was thinking about sex, it was gonna be hard not to.
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Oh crap, now he was thinking about her in those little gym shorts. He cleared his throat. Logan knew that he was being old fashioned. Still, she was just a kid... pretty young woman. Ah. He wondered if she could tell how uncomfortable he was. "Maybe I'll go down to the gym. Maybe a little exercise will tire me out enough to sleep."

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"Sure, why not," he went to his room to change into something more appropriate to the gym. Then headed downstairs to the gym. Damn. He really hoped she wouldn't be wearing those little shorts.


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