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It's not hard to find Noriko on any given day at the school. Not only does she have electric blue hair braided up into a beaded mohawk--which, thankfully, her manager at work does not give two shits about--but she's kind of the only electrokinetic. Follow the sound of crackling and popping and it will either lead you to her, or to the microwave containing someone's popcorn.

Today she's probably even easier to find; she's in the remodeled kitchen, late, after coming back to the school from the coffeeshop with her work shirt in hand. Her tee-shirt is still on the counter, and on closer inspection she seems to have a massive black eye to take care of and a set of headphones at probably hearing-damaging volume levels in her ears, bent over in front of the freezer.

Dinner and an icepack, that is the plan.

Date: 2014-11-24 08:14 am (UTC)
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Kurt has been told to make himself at home in the institute while he waits for his family to come through the area; the Professor had managed to catch them in Texas. The phone call had been short by necessity but a balm to both he and his mother. She'd known seeing the news, though he'd hoped she wouldn't. He'd barely talked Herr Gehlhaar from cutting short the tour to come get him, but they needed the money. Even without their star performer, the circus had been selling better than they'd anticipated. Not as well as it once had, but people simply don't go to the circus anymore.

The first few days he'd kept to himself, venturing out only at night. On seeing that the students genuinely didn't seem frightened by him, he began to show his face more. Rarely during the day still, and when he teleports down to the kitchen its to raid the left-overs from dinner. He doesn't expect anyone else in the kitchen, and teleports in not two feet behind Noriko.

"Gott! I'm sorry," he apologizes while quickly backing away to give the young girl room. "I didn't expect anyone down here."

Date: 2014-11-24 09:40 am (UTC)
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To say he notices the scars instead of the nudity would be a lie; Kurt notices both, but her state of dress is trivial compared to the scars littered across her back and side. He notices the shiner as he's glancing away t give her privacy, studiously looking out the newly repaired window.

"I am sorry. I didn't mean to frighten you." His accent is no thicker than normal in the situation, though given how heavy an accent he does have it might not be possible. All the travel hasn't tempered his German accent a bit as it has some of his fellow travelers.

The windows show her reflection from the shoulders up, and Kurt keeps his eyes fixed there until he sees the shirt settle on her shoulders. Meeting her eyes, his eyebrows draw together when she apologizes, pulling at the scars on his forehead. "You did nothing wrong. I should have been more careful teleporting."

Date: 2014-11-24 10:10 am (UTC)
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"You haven't made me uncomfortable," he assures her, under the assumption she's referring to her partial nudity of a few minutes ago. Living in close quarters his entire life, both with his immediate foster family and the larger family unit of the circus, coming upon people in various stages of undress was a normal part of the day. Particularly in the span of time surrounding a performance, when costumes were being donned or shed in a flurry of movement.

"Ja. The Professor has been kind enough to allow me to stay until I can return home with my family." His tail swishes behind him, not quite fast enough to be a nervous gesture. Too late, he hopes the foreign appendage won't startle her. When she holds out her hand he glances at it nervously before taking it in his own, his two thick fingers curling under hers. "Kurt Wagner, though in the Munich Circus I was known as the Incredible Nightcrawler." Despite the tenseness of the situation, a note of pride creeps into his voice, accompanied by a straightening of his posture.

Date: 2014-11-24 10:44 am (UTC)
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Relaxed is when he dips back down into his habitual slouch, the set of his shoulders looser this time, less drawn in than they had been when he had surprised her. It surprises him vaguely to not have gotten an immediate brush-off on mentioning his stage name; at best, eyes tend to glaze over when he brings up the circus. At worst, well there's a reason he's avoided the Wolverine socially. The irritation at having his life's work so roughly dismissed lingers.

"I've heard it a few times, ja." He releases her hand, letting his own drop down to his side, the too-long sleeves of his borrowed coat helping to obscure the strangeness of his hand as the fabric slips down. She seems more innocently interested in the tail than unnerved, and Kurt wonders briefly if she's younger than the sixteen he assumed. His eyes stay on the bruise deepening on her face.

"Ja. My family and I have worked with Herr Gehlhaar since I was young."

Date: 2014-11-24 11:02 am (UTC)
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"It's going to get worse if you don't put something on it," Kurt says softly, deciding to cut right to the elephant in the room. "You have little plastic bags in the kitchen, ja?" He knows they have ice, and while he's also aware of the first aid kits Kurt tends to forget that some of the more modern ones have heating and cooling packs for injuries.

He smiles, a warm expression wide enough to flash white, narrow teeth. "Trapeze, usually. Acrobatics and--contortionist, I think is the English word for it? I'm sorry, sometimes I forget the correct words."

Date: 2014-11-24 07:21 pm (UTC)
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"There's little that can be done for the bruising, but the swelling we can still prevent." Kurt doesn't ask, yet. Care for the body comes first, then comfort for the soul. He motions toward the freezer behind her. "You keep them in there?

"The tail," he asks, the spade of said appendage lazily hovering around his head. Its habit to keep it close in mixed company, until they're accustomed to the tail and how it moves. "Nein. I've had it for my entire life, as far as I know."
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"Then sit. I will get it." He motions with a hand toward a nearby chair, stepping with the gesture in the opposite direction to go around her. Despite his hunched stature, Kurt's movements are exceptionally graceful and light. His tail swishes around and opens the freezer door before the man himself could reach it otherwise.

"It certainly took my mutter a while to get used to," the older man answers with a low chuckle, reaching into the freezer with a hand. The tail, while it has a longer reach, also has a much smaller amount of fat between muscle and skin than his hands. "The ones I could reach, I did. The others were done by people I trusted."

Date: 2014-11-25 07:12 am (UTC)
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Her wariness also seems like an echo of his own; even among 'his people', Kurt keeps an ear to the metaphorical ground. Though they are all God's children and these in particular are dazzling in their potential to create a different tomorrow, they are not his people. He shouldn't think such a way and feels guilt for it, but not enough to try to stop.

"At least she had a few years before she and my vater had to pull me off the walls." He smiles again at her, quick but warm for all that its brief. "Danke. They're angelic symbols, most of them. Some are alchemy.

"Is this it?" He holds out a pouch of something that does indeed look like algae.

Date: 2014-11-25 07:34 am (UTC)
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"I'm not certain. Much to my parents' dismay I was on the walls almost as soon as I learned to crawl. But I didn't know I could teleport until I was not much younger than you are. I don't know if its because I couldn't, or if it was because I'd never had to try."

The breath he draws in is a little slower, steadying. Even decades later, the memory of Amanda's shrill scream when the rope snapped still sends a sick chill down his spine.

Closing the door, his tail scoops up a dishtowel from where it had been left hanging on one of the oven handles. As he walks over to her, he transfers the towel from his tail to his hands and wraps the ice pack in it. "Did you hurt your shoulder as well," he asks mildly, offering her the ice pack.

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"Fifteen," he guesses, trepidation without fear sneaking into his expression as he tenses again slightly. More noticeable is the way one foot slides behind the other, as though he's anticipating the need to dodge.

Kurt doesn't seem overly worried at first; there's more understanding in his face, accompanied by a slight nod at certain points as though to say 'yes, of course. That makes sense.' Its when Stryker's name is mentioned that his expression turns dark with regret, glancing away as though he can't look at her.

"So do mine, especially when the weather's bad."

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"I'm sorry." The apology comes nearly on the tail of her correction, even as the muscles in his legs relax slowly. The rest of him doesn't move, particularly his head where she is closer to his face than he's accustomed to 'outsiders' being.

"Perhaps not," he answers quietly, pale yellow eyes meeting hers more for lack of anywhere to look. "But I have still done things that cannot be taken back simply because I wasn't myself."

He doesn't return the smile, though he tries. Somewhere between the intention and the action it gets lost, leaving a slightly less tense expression with no small amount of gratitude. "Wait until you're my age. That will change."

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"It wasn't for me." He sighs, eyes closing for a brief moment. "I know, Noriko. Even so." Her name is pronounced carefully but correctly, with a slight pause between syllables.

One corner of his mouth twitches upward, and there's a hint of an expression that might be impish, in another situation. "I am nearly forty, and on a rainy day I feel fifty."

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Now, finally, she gets a grin out of him again; bright and broad and sharp with narrow teeth that his lower lip covers the tips of.

"I have good genetics." His eyes are twinkling as he says it, lively in a way that he's rarely hinted at since meeting the X-Men.

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