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Noriko, wearing the denim shorts from earlier in the day, is found fitting on a boom-mic wireless headset and peeling herself out of her shirt, leaving the camisole on while she settles into a pillowy hanging chair printed in pink and black flowers on a branch. She's busily taking her hair out of its complicated braid to brush it, speaking as she does.

"No, I mean, the only downside to the camgirl thing is the spammers. I mean, I'll never understand why guys pay money to watch someone brush their teeth and hair and put on pajamas, but hey, I'll take it," she says nonchalantly, pausing a moment to take her earrings out before brushing the length of her hair and inspecting the ends. "You guys have to tell me when you see roots, it's been a couple weeks since I did my hair."
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When Kurt teleports into her room, he has stealth in mind. Neither of them were expecting him home for a few more hours, and certainly not with a bottle sporting a label slightly too purple and light to match his skin. So his destination is a corner of her room he anticipates being cast in shadow, though if she's in the room he doesn't foresee being a secret long.

He hears her voice before the English translates, and nearly steps out of the shadows that conceal him. Then it translates, and his eyebrows draw together. Camgirl is a word he knows, but that's sex and this.. is not? He hopes to God it isn't. Pressing his lips together to keep the light from catching his teeth, Kurt slips along the wall to get a better vantage.
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Moving silent as a ghost, Kurt moves along the shadow, trying to get a better view. Her voice he can hear quite well, finding himself not quite able to swallow a sneer at hearing Noriko complain about being asked to flash her breasts (he assumes.) How dare.

But on the other hand, it confirms that whatever she's doing isn't sex. What in God's name is going on? Leaning against the wall, Kurt draws up his legs and tilts his head to peek at the computer. His eyes flash briefly, catching the light from the monitor.
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Automatically he draws back against the wall, his hand tightening around the bottle he'd still been absently carrying. Drawing in a quick breath, he tenses on the edge of simply teleporting away, give himself space and a moment to think.

Instead he shakes his head, aware even as he does that she can't see it. "Your camera's on the floor," Kurt answers softly, avoiding both questions.
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Only when the laptop is closed does Kurt ease out of the shadows, hesitant as the first days he'd spent in the institute.

"I didn't mean to frighten you, only surprise." He lifts the bottle in further, silent, explanation. "When I saw you were.. Speaking to someone, I thought it best to keep quiet." He pauses, glancing toward the laptop. "How much did they see?"

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"Ach, gut." Kurt glances back over to the laptop and the set-up attached, his lips parting. But the questions he wants to ask won't solidify into words, remaining a cloud of confusion and jealousy/guilt in his mind. He shakes his head, transferring the liquor from his hand to his tail. "Should I go?"
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Kurt doesn't quite step back but his shoulders draw in, echoing the man who'd come to the institute months ago. "I didn't know who you were speaking to. It might not have been.. safe." And despite loving his job and getting nothing more than curiosity, going without the image inducer leaves him expecting an attack. Which is why he does it; this isn't him.

He sighs deeply, closing his eyes. "I'm sorry, I--I'm a bit on edge tonight. Do you mind if I stay? And we can talk?"
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A little of tenseness of his expression eases when she explains a bit of what was going on.

"Ja, alright." He goes to the chair--walking, purely because it makes his skin itch and teleporting his problems away does not work--and sinks into it, curling with his back against one side. The bottle he sets on the floor. "I--what is it you were doing?"
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His tail wraps around her waist almost the moment she's settled, joined a second later by a leg stretched out to lay over hers. Nestled in the cloth and cushioning with her, the stress in his face and body is already beginning to fade. "And that is what you do? Talk to them while you get ready for bed?"
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"Has it been before?" The question is soft, curious without accusation. Now that the initial surprise is fading along with the stress of the day, the fears that had surfaced fade enough for rationale.

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"Ah, not exactly what I meant." But its answer enough, if the way his shoulders relax is any indication. Kurt leans in to steal a kiss, his tail looping around the bottle on the floor. "Do you need to.. Get back to it?"

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He smiles, small and shy but no less warm for either. "You are getting paid for this, ja? Give me time enough to be under the covers, and I'll rest a little while you do."
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"I--" Have no idea how to say this and convey what's going through his head. Kurt lifts his head to press a kiss against her forehead, lingering as he tries to translate his thoughts. "Would feel better seeing what happens? Und I'm curious, ja. My knowledge of what camgirls do is more limited than I thought it to be."
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"The charge is dead," he answers, privately grateful for the excuse because he hates wearing it at home. It's a miracle and he's grateful to have it, but home should be where he can be himself. "Ah, the shadows? I don't want to cause trouble."
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"I'm also very strange looking," he points out mildly. Undermining his point, Kurt snuggles closer, on the verge of slipping behind her. "Alright. We can do that."

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"Even so." He presses a kiss to her shoulder, his tail shifting around her waist. "I'd like to stay in the shadow for now."

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"Ach, why didn't you say so?" And that's all the warning he gives before teleporting out from behind her, reappearing crouched next to the table. "How far back?"


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