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2037-12-31 12:09 am
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If you need to get in touch with me, the mun, and don't have any instant messengers with which to contact me, leave me a message here or through a direct message!


Consider this a How's My Driving post as well. Let me know how I'm doing with Noriko and feel free to drop me some constructive criticism. All comments are screened.
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2017-09-11 04:40 pm
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psl for Druitt

It wasn't unusual for the students at the school, of which population Noriko was a member, to screw around between classes with their powers. After all, half the point of the school was to learn to use what they had, and with that came, naturally, experimentation. The problem came in when the aforementioned powers didn't...get along, as it were. Noriko had just been fooling around making Julian's hair stand on end, an act which made him pissy and amused her. And it would have stopped there had he not decided to contain her electricity in a small bubble around her, with the unexpected result that it kept building.

Nori had only ever not electrocuted something when she meant to once, and it had been just as unexpected then as it was now when she felt a jolt and stumbled on the carpet, catching herself on a display table before falling. She still had her bookbag slung over a shoulder, beacon-bright hair more or less covered by a slouchy cap against the early winter chill from New York. Her shirtsleeves were already pushed up, leaving her no trouble with the channeling of current.

Looking up the disappearance of her classmates got Noriko's attention pretty quickly, and though the hallways looked similar enough, there were notable differences: no students, no teachers, no...people, it seemed.

Which left her with the small problem of figuring out what happened. And where she was.
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2017-07-29 09:58 pm
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(no subject)

Noriko had hung her newly-made glass ball succulent gardens above the stairs by the time Remy came up to her room, leaving her sitting cross-legged on the bed in her cleverly arranged sleeping loft; it was out of the way of actually living in the little room, but it didn't require her to be overly fastidious in cleaning every time she wanted to change spaces.

She was pruning the bonsai garden by the bed anyway when she smiled down at him, gesturing him up with a tilt of her head. "Hey, Cajun. Guess what I went to get today?" she asked, scooting over to give Remy room to sit with her. It was a comfortable bed, she liked being in it: nice and cozy for serious cuddle times.

"I mean, it's kind of crazy to think I had almost two grand this morning and now have four pieces of paper in return, but...that's where we stand." The tickets were in an envelope, sitting on the coffee table.
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2017-04-10 11:01 pm

pathema app

NAME: Sage
AGE: 29; February 3
CONTACT: private message, or email to alchemistseraph@gmail.com

NAME: Ashida Noriko (anglicized as Noriko Ashida, I'm fine with either)
CANON: X-Men comics
CANON POINT: specifically New X-Men #22 or thereabouts (immediately following the Decimation)
GENDER: Female.
AGE: Noriko is 18 as of this canon point.

BACKGROUND: Noriko's in-game canon will stop before the subheading 'Nimrod'
PAST GAME MEMORIES: She's coming in fresh! No past game memories here.
SUITABILITY: Nori is been on her own before, and though she did live on the fringes of society, she survived quite well and blossomed once she arrived at the school, which was not in itself the paragon of normalcy. Nori isn't a blushing virgin about the psychology of sex, and she's pretty used to the iea of biology forcing her hand, as it were; while we are never told explicitly how Noriko got from Tokyo to New York, as a young woman with no money and very little else left to lose in her mind, it's not hard to put the pieces of supply and demand together. It's very likely she's had experience with needing to have sex in the face of consequences, or at least of having to engage in some form of intimacy under duress.

FIT: Noriko brings a rare perspective to the game: she's thoroughly modern and is a vocal feminist, which could lead to a fair bit of rebelling against the mandate of sex, but could also be a tremendous force behind equalizing how the other participants handle sex mentally. She's also a mutant, and one not afraid of being recognized as such in public, which means she's very used to doing what she needs to do, whether or not she likes it, to survive and thrive. She may be young, but Noriko is not your average teenager in many ways, and she brings her determination to bear in her actions. That said, though, she's not incredibly calm and level-headed either; she's at the point in her life where what shes doing, fighting for her rights (as a person, a woman, and to exist at all) is more important than ever.

ORIENTATION: Noriko is shown to be straight heterosexual, having a boyfriend in canon. We are never shown any canon evidence of bisexuality or homosexuality in Noriko.

For Noriko's collar, I have an idea of her wearing something solid and resembling a mobius strip (the mathematical object plane with one side, like this)

ANYTHING ELSE? Noriko, as mentioned above, is a mutant from the X-Men comics world. Specifically, she's an electrokinetic mutant, with the additional abilities to project and direct electricity and concussive, lightning-like blasts, and run at speeds up to several hundred miles an hour. While I would prefer her abilities be dampened and not nullified, I'm open to almost any extent of that dampening and would love to hear what you guys think, especially about her base electrokinesis.
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2017-03-29 08:13 pm
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psl with Druitt

Noriko has grown...well, almost accustomed to there being someone non-mutant in the school; given that she'd been the one to come across him first. That didn't mean she was particularly fond of the guy, though, and hadn't gone to seek him out while he'd been at the school, though she'd run across him a few times.

Today she was occupied in the library in a pair of jeans and a cutoff shirt, hunched over a spread of engineering books and a tablet. She's deep in studying, but contrary to the quiet most people expect of an empty library she has headphones on thudding out French rap.
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2017-02-16 05:34 pm
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OOM: Concert, part 2

The stage itself is backed by a huge screen, big enough to nearly be an IMAX presentation, and the orchestra is in front, chairs empty. They're fashionably close to the starting time, because Noriko hates being late, and she didn't want to be too early: tucking her free hand in her coat pocket she walks with Hannibal, trying to keep her heels from clicking too loudly on the floor.

The seats printed on both tickets are quite good, being the center of the closest balcony, where the sound will blend and amplify without too much distortion, and a clear view to both the screen and the plalyers, but before they see any of that, there's the lobby to get through.

"Wow," Nori says, looking up at the starburst lights. "This place is pretty huge."
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2017-01-05 03:05 pm
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OOM: Concert, part 1

Noriko had planned ahead for this trip, and so had brought her clothes to the bar thus to change without having to take Hannibal to where her room in the mansion was; if all went well she'd only have to take him through the entry hall, and then to the city itself. She came downstairs rather elegantly for someone in five-inch heels and a pencil skirt, smiling at Hannibal.

"So, you ready?" she asked, jacket draped over her arm. "Or did I get all dolled up for nothing?"
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2017-01-01 11:24 pm
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New Year's Kiss

Remy's room was not far from her own, Noriko knew that. So when she came in on New Year's Eve, wanting to stay away from Times Square, she figured she'd pay a visit to her fellow mutant--with whom she found she shared a lot that they didn't often get to speak of in their own worlds--and see if he was around.

"Hey, Remy," she called, having knocked on his door. "Got a question for you." Sure, it was silly, wanting to actually try and do the whole kiss at midnight thing, but it was just silly enough and she was just tipsy enough to find it amusing.
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2016-09-11 04:41 pm
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psl with sanctuary peeps

For Noriko this was just another afternoon to kill now that she was in study hall, her lady period of the day. She felt cramped inside, even though she had plenty of room, simply because the fact of her mutation meant that she couldn't run, actually run, with walls around her. She could hit top speed on the grounds, but barely, and had more than once gone tumbling heels over head in an effort to stop before she left the property. So to mitigate the effect she chose to sit balanced on the windowsill with her laptop on her knees, window open to let the air of a brewing storm in.

Nori could feel the electricity making the air thick, much like the way thermite came together: with the right spark it'd be a magninficent thunderstorm. She reached a hand out and watched with a smile as the tendrils of electricity escaped the normal web of containment touching her hand and slim-fit metal gauntlet. Oh yeah: it'd be a hell of a storm. Noriko smiled. Those were her favorite.
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2016-05-22 09:55 pm
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Medietas Permissions

So given Noriko is an X-Man, she comes with some pretty awful backstory as standard canon, and I've added to it with some headcanon that may upset some people. So...here we go, triggering things behind the cut, and please let me know what I should avoid bringing up if I tag your post?

Click for terrible life story )

These aren't really in order and while I try not to have Noriko go into anything that bad in detail unless I've spoken to the other mun personally, sometimes things come up, and I want to be sure I'm not going to give anyone else difficulties, so let me know what I should avoid in threads?
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2016-05-14 09:27 am
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Medietas App

Player Information
Name: Sage
Age: Over 18 by nearly a decade, thanks.
Contact: alchemistseraph@gmail.com, repositorian on plurk
Characters already in Medietas: none!
Reserve Link: http://medietas-mods.dreamwidth.org/1679.html?thread=346255#cmt346255

Click Here; Cut for Length )
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2016-05-10 03:51 pm
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oom: fooling around with remy

Leading Remy through the door, the bedroom was small and traditional, a nearly floor-level bed separated from a seating area by a semi-transparent paper screen wall. There was a large window looking into a contained garden nearly the size of the sleeping area it faced, filled with miniature trees, a tiny bubbling pond and fountain, and an artfully moss-covered stone lantern statue.

Noriko liked her heritage, even if it caused her a great deal of frustration much of the time. But now wasn't for the contemplation of that. "So. This is it," she said, flicking off the cap and pulling her shirt up as she faced the garden. Her scars from Julian and several bullets were visible when she took the clothing off, moving with her muscles and seemingly causing her little pain at this point. The bruising that had gone with them had been a spectacular kind of show, however.
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2015-07-20 06:39 pm
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Upon the birth of the first mutant child after M-Day and the subsequent Decimation, there sprang into being a future where said child killed approximately one million people--why is unknown--in an event dubbed the Six Second War. But the war is not important.

The aftermath is. After a public outcry, the SHRA (Superhuman Registration Act) was passed in remarkably short order, and even supported by some mutants and superheroes. Noriko was not one of them; but not much came of the protests. Mutants were, depite their low numbers, found dangerous and forced into concentration camps, removed from the population.

Noriko in this AU is not much different from her normal self save for her circumstances, but she is very much subdued. She still has the gauntlets, though they're scratched and dinged in places and fit somewhat looser over her arms now that she's skinnier. Her hair is now mostly black, but blue-tipped, and worn most commonly in dreadlocks. Blue dye is still technically contraband, but there are always ways around that. Even if she doesn't talk about them. She doesn't really talk much anymore.
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2015-07-06 01:56 am

for [personal profile] quiteafew [camgirl]

Noriko, wearing the denim shorts from earlier in the day, is found fitting on a boom-mic wireless headset and peeling herself out of her shirt, leaving the camisole on while she settles into a pillowy hanging chair printed in pink and black flowers on a branch. She's busily taking her hair out of its complicated braid to brush it, speaking as she does.

"No, I mean, the only downside to the camgirl thing is the spammers. I mean, I'll never understand why guys pay money to watch someone brush their teeth and hair and put on pajamas, but hey, I'll take it," she says nonchalantly, pausing a moment to take her earrings out before brushing the length of her hair and inspecting the ends. "You guys have to tell me when you see roots, it's been a couple weeks since I did my hair."
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2014-11-24 02:29 am
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for [personal profile] quiteafew

It's not hard to find Noriko on any given day at the school. Not only does she have electric blue hair braided up into a beaded mohawk--which, thankfully, her manager at work does not give two shits about--but she's kind of the only electrokinetic. Follow the sound of crackling and popping and it will either lead you to her, or to the microwave containing someone's popcorn.

Today she's probably even easier to find; she's in the remodeled kitchen, late, after coming back to the school from the coffeeshop with her work shirt in hand. Her tee-shirt is still on the counter, and on closer inspection she seems to have a massive black eye to take care of and a set of headphones at probably hearing-damaging volume levels in her ears, bent over in front of the freezer.

Dinner and an icepack, that is the plan.
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2014-11-21 12:39 am


Noriko was practiced at this. And more than that, she was good at hotwiring a car; she could get in and get it started in under a minute.

Which is at least part of why she's jimmying the door lock for one of the cars at the school, a very nice roadster in her very favorite color, black. It would make things easier for her if it wasn't an eye-catching color, attracting less attention and all that.

Once she was in, the hard part came about. Getting the cover panel off the steering column was never easy, and next to stripping the wires took the longest.
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2014-08-20 10:34 am
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oom: for [personal profile] i_am_your_host

Noriko's room is much like the occupant--eclectic, though not quite to the point of 'chinoiserie a go-go', despite the varied japanese touches. (She figures it works for her, given she's actually from Japan, and hey, even she likes being around familiar things.)

She doesn't ditch the gauntlets first thing, but it's definitely on her mind.

Right next to 'this should be entertaining'. It feels a little strange to invite someone to her room after a solid couple of years wherein the only sexual activity was powered by batteries. But hey, it's like riding a bike, or so Noriko assumes.
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2014-06-19 11:58 pm

Medical History

-extensive burn scarring on forearms from wrist to elbow
-history of heavy drug use, shown needle marks in arms
-past severe case of photokeratitis resulting in loss of sight for approximately 2.5 weeks
-Legacy Virus carrier**
-shattered left arm, previously healed
-stress fractures on both ankles and knees, badly healed

** The Legacy Virus Noriko had, and was then healed from, was a fast-contagion disease that only affected mutants with an active X-gene, leading to a condition whereby they contracted flulike symptoms, skin sores, and a gradual loss of control over their mutations which proved, invariably, immune to medicine. Noriko got up to the point of loss of control and ended up bringing part of a building down on herself (long story, she was used as a walking bioweapon against her will) but was healed by another mutant. She is no longer an active carrier for the Virus.