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The stage itself is backed by a huge screen, big enough to nearly be an IMAX presentation, and the orchestra is in front, chairs empty. They're fashionably close to the starting time, because Noriko hates being late, and she didn't want to be too early: tucking her free hand in her coat pocket she walks with Hannibal, trying to keep her heels from clicking too loudly on the floor.

The seats printed on both tickets are quite good, being the center of the closest balcony, where the sound will blend and amplify without too much distortion, and a clear view to both the screen and the plalyers, but before they see any of that, there's the lobby to get through.

"Wow," Nori says, looking up at the starburst lights. "This place is pretty huge."
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Noriko had planned ahead for this trip, and so had brought her clothes to the bar thus to change without having to take Hannibal to where her room in the mansion was; if all went well she'd only have to take him through the entry hall, and then to the city itself. She came downstairs rather elegantly for someone in five-inch heels and a pencil skirt, smiling at Hannibal.

"So, you ready?" she asked, jacket draped over her arm. "Or did I get all dolled up for nothing?"
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