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Don't Call It A Gift

You Can Return A Gift

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Name:Noriko Ashida
Birthdate:Jan 3

What you have, it's a gift.
Don't call it a gift. You can return a gift.

Noriko Ashida is a mutant. A teenaged, female mutant. Born in Tokyo, Japan, in a world much like our own, Noriko lived a normal life until she manifested as a mutant at age thirteen, with a blast of electrical current that fried basically everything electronic in her house at the time. That was her ability; electrokinesis. She absorbs current from everything; the lights, the appliances, even the air and the earth itself, and has the ability to channel it either into bursts of superhuman speed--clocking somewhere in the hundreds of miles-an-hour range--or to release it in concussive lightning-like blasts. She can't regulate how much energy she absorbs without the specialized gauntlets she's never without, which cover her arms in metal from fingertip to elbow.

She also dyes her hair blue, frequently changes its style, and has a chip on her shoulder the size of Montana.

[This is a roleplaying journal! Noriko is not a creation of mine! She belongs to Marvel Entertainment and I make no profit by her appearance here, and no copyright infringement is intended. Her played-by is Ayumi Hamasaki, who presumably belongs to herself. No association is assumed in the use of her photographs.]
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